Check our offer, write to us and we will give you a free test server:
1GB RAM EU for 24h.

The latest version of Java 8 from Oracle is used by default, it is also possible to enable older version 7.

We only use Intel Xeon server processors and SSDs for maximum performance. Machines are protected against DDoS attacks using solutions implemented by OVH read more.

In each server package there is a ready itemshop SMS so that players can power your server, just add items to the store and players will receive their items fully automatically.

Do not know which package to choose?
For beginner Minecraft server administrators we recommend the package 1GB RAM.
After contacting us the package can be increased.




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    Why choose

    • We have been on the market since 2013
    • We offer attractive prices and simple conditions
    • No slots and transfer limits
    • We do not block servers for being overloaded
    • Custom client panel for PC and mobile devices
    • Friendly technical support with respond time under 48h