Guaranteed RAM resources, full virtualization, enhanced DDoS protection for game servers.

2GB RAM plan is ideal for popular TeamSpeak 3 servers exposed to DDoS attacks.

Plans of 4, 8 and 16GB RAM will be suitable even for very demanding gaming servers such as Minecraft

We made changes to our product to meet your demands. Plans 4GB RAM and above now are located on new GAME-3 servers.

Hardware configuration for GAME-3 servers
CPU: Intel i7 6700K 4GHz
RAM: 64GB 1333MHz
Disk: 480GB SSD
Network: 1Gbps

Hardware configuration for GAME-2 servers
CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4GHz
RAM: 32GB 1333MHz
Disk: 240GB SSD
Network: 1Gbps




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    Additional options

    - Restoring full backup Read more
    - UDP Whitelist (firewall): bezpłatnie
    Special filters for UDP traffic; the server should only get those packages for the game server Read more
    - Your own .iso image for installation: free of charge
    Allows you to install a system other than Linux via the KVM console Read more