Can I upload my own plugin, mod, map, and engine into Minecraft server?

Yes, we allow plugins, mods, maps and engines to be installed in all packages, unless it violates the terms and conditions of the service, such as interfering with other servers, causing DoS attacks or exceeding the permitted RAM limit.

File uploads take place via FTP protocol such as FileZilla or through WebFTP available in the client panel.
Full guide on plugin installation in PL
In the case of your own engine, its name should be serwer.jar

Please note that we do not support plugins / mods or configuration issues because we are not the authors.
In these cases seek help on forum

I'm looking for partnership with lvlup.pro

Create a thread in our forum with the appropriate category.
The idea will be judged by the community and you will receive our final verdict within 30 days.
You'll find more information in this thread

I need more resources for my package.

Contact us via ticket system and we will upgrade your package.
Upgrading will decrease its validity time.

Why did you transfer my server?

When you purchase a service, it is assigned to its host e.g. s1.hostmc.pl.
Sometimes we are forced to change this host for another one e.g. s2.hostmc.pl due to machine failure or overload of the current host.

Minecraft Hosting
After this change, you need to re-set your FTP password and ensure that you connect to the appropriate FTP host address.
An address without a port for players does not change


If FAQ didn't cover your questions, we strongly recommend visiting our forum where you can find guides and receive help from other users.

What you can and should post on the forum? Examples:

  • The mail server on VPS does not send mail
  • How to set up a rank on TS3 voice server on VPS?

What better not post on forum, but rather contact us through ticket system? Examples:
  • I cannot start VPS server with ID 111
  • I cannot connect with my TS3 server with ID 111

Contact with the administration

If your questions still need an answer, but neither FAQ nor forum helped, contact us and we will answer any questions.

VIP Support

In the case of subsidies or large orders, e.g. dozens of VPS servers or several dedicated servers, we offer individual channels of communication with faster response time. Please contact us for more details.